CONTA-QUILÓMETROS, by Madalena Matoso



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Green Tots 2019.8月份繪本沙龍 [ 再見葡萄牙童書帝國 ] 選書

Selected by Plano Nacional de Leitura


要到哪? 不能決定~

哪兒有甚麼? 天曉得~ 嗚.....想到這裡是不是快要抓狂?

CONTA-QUILÓMETROS奇蹟的降臨在Green Tots網路書店的一角。翻開書...你終於可以主導要到哪、那個地方會甚麼....一本由小朋友你來決定結局的繪本。

A journey is a story. And a story is a journey, isn’t it?
Behind the wheel of this book, readers will decide their destiny and how they want to travel: taking a short walk or going 
on a long expedition? Speeding up or at a snail pace?
Alongside the mountain roads or by the sea?

In this adventure, the starting plan doesn’t have to be followed. Unexpected landscapes, unforeseen situations and crossroads will lead readers away from the planned destination…



商品尺寸(cm):21.5 x 19.5 x 0.8