Ed Emberley 的葡萄牙繪本 E TU, VÊS O QUE EU VEJO?

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Ed Emberley 是一位曾經榮獲凱迪克大獎(The Caldecott Honor Book Awards)殊榮的作家兼插畫家。個人風格濃厚,具高度創意的圖畫呈現方式及幽默有趣的故事題材。

這本書是他和葡萄牙出版社bruaa editora合作的兒童繪本。書中藏著11種動物,要藉由陽光照射書頁才能夠找得到。Green Tots多年前曾經介紹過,最近整理倉庫時意外找到一箱,快快拿出來清倉拍賣,要來試試嗎?

What book is this? What animal is this? Hold the page to the light and you will see. In most books you look at the page in order to see the pictures, but not on this one. To see the full picture you need to look through the pages.

Created by Ed Emberley in the late 70s, this playful book was born without an expiration date. The design keeps its freshness, and the original and ingenious see through game proves once again the full interactive character of paper, which never ceases to amaze readers of all ages. Without batteries to run out, this book will be hard to put down. 


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