City Block by Christopher Franceschelli

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City Block 是暢銷童書作者Christopher Franceschelli的又一佳作。城市漫遊是學習字彙的最好媒介。不用外出,繪本帶著小朋友以那裏可以吃、那些建物可以觀察、那些地方可以遊憩作為引言,帶著小朋友逛逛24個不同場景,

Cityblock explores city life in an exciting and unique way, from up in a high-rise building to down in the subway. Divided into three sections—things that go, things to see, and things to eat—it features 24 different aspects of city living. As with the other acclaimed books in the series, die-cut icons hint at the larger context on the next spread. Each section opens with a full city scene but gradually focuses in on the small, unique neighborhoods that make the city large and grand. This clever book will attract young readers living in a metropolis as well as those in the countryside with urban life that pops off each page.

Farm Block 是一本不得多得的農場生態寶寶英文書。每頁介紹農場動物、時令變化並利用該主題介紹農場生活與農夫與季節變化的互動,出現的場景都以雕刻全開頁的方式呈現於夾頁,讓孩子目不轉睛,持續翻閱熟悉農場生態與農作。 

It’s time to plant some crops, harvest the veggies, and make jam to take to the farmer’s market! In this follow-up to Alphablock, Countablock, Dinoblock, Cityblock, Buildablock, and Marvel Alphablock, readers are introduced to what life is like on the farm. Like the previous titles, Farmblock explores a concept—in this case, seasons. From a rooster crowing at the crack of dawn to picking pumpkins for Halloween, there is so much to do all year-round! In keeping with the rest of the series, Farmblock features die-cut pages, gatefolds, and the charming art of British design team Peskimo.


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