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A story we will always pass generation - Green Tots Club

曾兩次獲凱達克大獎的Sophie Blackall在疫情期間買了一間農莊的大房子。大房子內的陳設開啟她尋找之前主人的故事。一個曾經養了12個小朋友的家庭、一個沒有drama的平凡故事....孩子長大逐一離家....夫妻變老再也沒有辦法照顧諾大房子的結局。房子孕育了一個美滿的家庭。看似平淡,孩子健康成長不就是每位父母最期盼的? 

This glorious new picture book from two-time Caldecott Medalist Sophie Blackall is as lavish and moving a tribute to a storied, beloved place as Hello Lighthouse.

Over a hill, at the end of a road, by a glittering stream that twists and turns stands a farmhouse.

Step inside the dollhouse-like interior of Farmhouse and relish in the daily life of the family that lives there, rendered in impeccable, thrilling detail. Based on a real family and an actual farmhouse where Sophie salvaged facts and artifacts for the making of this spectacular work, page after page bursts with luminous detail and joy. Join the award-winning, best-selling Sophie Blackall as she takes readers on an enchanting visit to a farmhouse across time, to a place that echoes with stories.

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