【Green Tots 繪本沙龍】 The Wildwood Elves

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本書為【Green Tots 繪本沙龍】Gerda Muller細膩的自然世界BOX選書 

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這部經典故事由著名的法國兒童作家 Anne-Marie Chapouton 傾情創作,由知名插畫家 Gerda Muller 賦予生動而富有特色的插圖,這本經典故事首次以英文出版。孩子們會被頑皮、冒險和好奇的精靈的隱藏世界迷住,而大人也會深深著迷這個歐洲的民間故事和讚嘆插畫充滿細膩的自然世界。

Deep in the forest, the Wildwood elves live happily in their little village, making pottery, chopping wood and growing vegetables. But when a friendly seagull makes a flying visit, they are astonished to hear of a mysterious thing called 'the sea'... and so begins a wonderful seaside adventure.

Charmingly written by popular French children's author Anne-Marie Chapouton, and full of lively and characterful illustrations by world-renowned Gerda Muller, this classic tale is available in English for the first time. Children will be enchanted by the hidden world of the mischievous, adventurous and curious Wildwood elves while their grown-ups will love the vintage artwork inspired by folklore and bursting with details of the natural world.


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