【Green Tots 繪本沙龍】 A Year Around the Great Oak

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【Green Tots 繪本沙龍】Gerda Muller細膩的自然世界BOX選書 

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A Year Around the Great Oak 引人入勝的故事和教育信息的完美結合 - Green Tots Club

安娜和本傑明住在城裡,但喜歡和表弟羅賓一起住在鄉下。羅賓帶著孩子們在附近的森林裡看他最喜歡的樹:一棵有 300 年曆史的大橡樹。 每次孩子們參觀時,他們都會驚訝於森林和大橡樹如何隨季節變化。

秋天,他們在樹根上建了一個舒適的巢穴來觀察松鼠。冬天,他們在森林的庇護下學習滑雪。在春天,他們在森林裡尋找動物。但有些生物可能很危險,有一天晚上,當本傑明發現一些他沒有預料到的事情時,老橡樹幫助了他。 . . 加入安娜和本傑明,與大橡樹共度四季,探索生活在橡樹周圍的迷人動植物。

Anna and Benjamin's family has just moved into their new house and even though it's in the middle of a busy town, it has a beautiful big garden for them all to enjoy.  Soon the family has made plans for their perfect garden -- Mum wants a lawn and a terrace, Dad wants to help the birds and insects, Benjamin wants to plant beautiful flowers and Anna wants to fill the garden with tasty vegetables.  Join Anna and Benjamin as, with a little help from their neighbor, they spend a year learning about all the wonderful things you can do in a garden: planting, harvesting, playing, enjoying picnics and spotting wildlife.  Alongside the charming story, A Year in Our New Garden also gives real gardening tips and provides recipes for tasty home-grown snacks to inspire children to get outdoors, be active and learn how nature changes around them throughout the year.  This beautifully detailed, seasonal story is a perfect companion to Gerda Muller's A Year Around the Great Oak and How Does My Garden Grow?


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