Kafka and the Doll

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★【Green Tots 2021上半年新書推薦】藝術人生系列

弗朗茨·卡夫卡也出現在繪本裡面。越來越多小孩成迷平板手機,快快讓他們早點認識這位撰寫Die Verwandlung 《#蛻變》的小説家😄 這本書將卡夫卡公園遇見一位丟到玩偶的小女孩為主軸,卡夫卡為了讓小女孩不會那麼難過,替玩偶寫信給小女孩....繪本裡面穿插卡夫卡親筆的信...誰說幼稚園小朋友讀不懂卡夫卡的文字呢?

Based on a true story about Franz Kafka

Inspired by a true story, Kafka and the Doll recounts a remarkable gesture of kindness from one of the world’s most bewildering and iconic writers. In the fall of 1923, Franz Kafka encountered a distraught little girl on a walk in the park. She’d lost her doll and was inconsolable. Kafka told her the doll wasn’t lost, but instead, traveling the world and having grand adventures! And to reassure her, Kafka began delivering letters from the doll to the girl for weeks.

The legend of Kafka and the doll has captivated imaginations for decades as it reveals the playful and compassionate side of a man known for his dark and brooding tales. Kafka and the Doll is a testament to living life to the fullest and to the life-changing power of storytelling.

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