No One Is Angry Today

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我們超愛法國插畫界明星Marc Boutavant的插畫將丹麥Toon Tellege的經典故事做了很馬克畫風的詮釋。發人深省的故事,向小朋友傳達憤怒並不總是一定要生氣....適合大小朋友閱讀~ 

In ten thoughtful, philosophical, absurd tales by master storyteller Toon Tellegen, the forest animals―from squirrel to scarab beetle―spend their days as friends do, with birthday parties, writing letters, visiting, dancing, or sometimes all alone. Each day brings emotions that are always worth exploring, although not always easy, and each story reveals new layers through the expressive, touching and funny illustrations of Marc Boutavant.

This wry and nuanced illustrated storybook gently shows that anger, in all its shapes and sizes, is a natural, necessary and often misunderstood emotion. Written by one of the greatest Dutch authors for children, this wise and gently written collection is perfect for children wanting to explore and learn more about difficult emotions and feelings, making it an ideal book to read together with family or in the classroom, for readers aged 6-12 years.

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