【STEM繪本】 Love Birds *預購 2022/11/8 出版

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From Jane Yolen, the author of the Caldecott Award–winning book Owl Moon, comes a friendship story about a bird-loving boy who meets a bird-loving girl

Jon loved to listen to birdsong. Bright cardinals, cawing crows, chatty chickadees, wrens, and jays; barn swallows and doves' lullabies. He especially loved to listen to owls. One night when an owl hoots, throaty and lovely, the boy hoots back in a duet. And when another owl responds from the nearest pines, the bird-loving boy discovers it's not a bird at all. Sometimes the best song is the sound of a new friend.

凱迪克大獎得主 Jane Yolen 的新作,飽和的插畫和溫馨的相遇故事內容,讓小朋友有機會成為賞鳥專家