The Smallest Elephant in the World

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在印尼真的有全世界最小的大象,身高僅145-155公分。這本復刻繪本由美國知名親子雜誌Parent's的主編Alvin Tresselt撰寫。故事敘述一隻生長在叢林的"矮"大象,不受大象群喜愛而開始的旅程...故事最後"矮"大象終於找到他的容身之處。


繪本的插畫是美國知名的插畫家Milton Glaser。簡單的橘色、綠色2種用色搭配上黑色線條。有一點Tomi Ungerer的感覺,但又非常具有個人鮮明的插畫特色。Milton Glaser在MOMA和法國的龐畢度都曾經為其舉辦過個人畫展,並且榮獲Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum與布萊特基金會獲獎肯定其藝術地位。他其實就是❤ NY的創作者,有沒有讓這本繪本更值得你珍藏?


Mocked throughout the jungles of India, the smallest elephant in the world―no bigger than a house cat―has decided enough is enough. 
If he’s no bigger than a house cat, then a house is where he belongs! After a long journey, this smallest elephant in the world finds himself a home with a nice little boy inside. Unfortunately, the boy’s mother doesn’t believe elephants make suitable house pets… First published in 1959, The Smallest Elephant in the World, written by Alvin Tresselt and illustrated by Milton Glaser, is a witty, sweet, and funny tale of friendship, unlikely disguise, and the search for home.

商品尺寸(公分):5.4 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches