Tiny Town (Interactive Children's Books)



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這本書由美國東部設計師 Suzy Ultman 設計,Suzy Ultman 喜歡觀察世界,將兒時的想像力放在插畫設計上面。



Embark on a Tiny Tour! These adorable shaped board books take young readers on a tour through a teeny world with every turn of the page. Die-cuts on each page lead to the next adventure, finally ending in the comforts of home. Toddlers will delight in guessing what comes next while learning essential prediction skills. Shaped like buildings and featuring neon accents throughout, these cute books have great value and will prove irresistible to children eager to create their own tiny world.



商品尺寸(公分):8.7 x 1.4 x 2.5



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