Who Says Women Can't Use Computer

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在18世紀,一般人對於女性的期許就是結婚、人母。這個大眾公認女性的生涯規劃被Ada Lovelace打破。她對於數學與科學的敏感度與興趣,讓他能夠在當時對於女性有限的教育資源下,在與先生的共事中學習,並開發出電腦程式語言的雛形。電腦語言在她去世後的100年才出現。如果那個年代能夠提供女性相同的受教權,說不一定人類歷史出現電腦語言的時間能夠提早到來呢!


A picture book biography of Ada Lovelace, the woman recognized today as history's first computer programmer--she imagined them 100 years before they existed!

In the early nineteenth century lived Ada Byron: a young girl with a wild and wonderful imagination. The daughter of internationally acclaimed poet Lord Byron, Ada was tutored in science and mathematics from a very early age. But Ada's imagination was never meant to be tamed and, armed with the fundamentals of math and engineering, she came into her own as a woman of ideas--equal parts mathematician and philosopher. 

From her whimsical beginnings as a gifted child to her most sophisticated notes on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, this book celebrates the woman recognized today as the first computer programmer. 

This title has Common Core connections.


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