【STEAM相關繪本】Notable Notebooks : Scientists and Their Writings



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美國近年力推科學基礎教育,美國各州都將科學新知排入幼稚園的學習大綱中。這部分的計劃名為STEM 是 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math的簡寫。

Green Tots Club致力於將英美孩童閱讀書籍同步推薦給台灣的朋友們,因此從2015開闢【STEM專欄】選書。不定期將於官網將優質選書上架供大家選購。書籍皆直接於國外書商直接限量採購,售完為止。

就算這個可以用電腦筆記、手機照相的年代...看到這些人的筆記你就能夠了解研究科學、數學需要的觀察力和推理能力 - Green Tots Club

前一陣子網路上大家搶著購買一本北一女學生筆記。如果是這樣,大家更應該購買這本Notable Notebooks。書中讓你一窺偉大數學家伽利略、物理學家牛頓、生態家也是彼得兔作者的碧雅翠絲·波特、還有珍·奧斯丁等名人科學家的筆記頁。

Take a trip through time to discover the value of a special place to jot your thoughts, whether you're a famous scientist or a student. Notable Notebooks: Scientists and Their Writings brings to life the many ways in which everyone from Galileo to Jane Goodall has used a science notebook, including to sketch their observations, imagine experiments, record data, or just write down their thoughts. You also get four steps to starting your own notebook, plus mini-bios of the diverse featured scientists. Written in captivating rhyme, the text is sprinkled with lively illustrations. In fact, it looks a lot like the science notebook you'll be eager to start after reading this inspiring book.



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