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A Huffington Post Honorable Mention in "Best Deep Dive" Category.

On the New York Public Library's List of 100 Books for Reading & Sharing

- 非故事性的繪本 -


藍鯨是世界上最大的哺乳動物。Jenni Desmond以淡藍的插畫引領讀者認識這個海洋生物相關常識。





A nonfiction picture book, The Blue Whale draws children into the life and world of this enormous whale by situating facts within a familiar context that is fun and engaging. Here, readers are given the actual size of an eye right on the page, and we are informed how understand this whale's body size in relation to trucks, cars, milk bottles, and hippos! With an accurate and engaging text, fully vetted by a blue whale expert, and lyrically lovely illustrations,The Blue Whale is a book that invites children in and holds their attention. Its tempo is like a pleasing melody, which means that the information never becomes too weighty or exhausting—a key thing when it comes to young readers and their enjoyment of a book!

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