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這本書由美國東部設計師 Suzy Ultman 設計,Suzy Ultman 喜歡觀察世界,將兒時的想像力放在插畫設計上面。



This unique multisensory reading experience features a die-cut letter to trace and a satisfying pull-tab reveal for each letter of the alphabet. In addition, Suzy Ultman fills each page with a diverse and colorful collection of illustrated first words to find and identify. An alphabet book unlike any other, its not only a feast for the eyes and the imagination, but educational value abounds. HOW TO READ/USE: Start by tracing the oversize die-cut letter. Then, make a guess: just what could A stand for?! Pull the tab to reveal one answer. And finally, look around: a curious collection of illustrated first words awaits for every letter of the alphabet.



商品尺寸(cm):17.8 x 22.9 x 2.8



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