Arnesi (Tools) by Taro Miura



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Arnesi (Tools) 繪本由三浦太郎繪製了10種工具和對應的職人(義大利文與英文並列)有木匠,醫生,廚師,製表師、理髮師、園藝師....仔細看看他們的工具與工作,並認識這些職人。

Everyone uses some tools while working... which are they? This amusing book by Taro Miura makes the reader know tools and people who use them. Coloured illustrations, simple and clear, show well-known tools and works like the doctor or less usual ones, like the watchmaker. After the big success of Ton, here is the second book of this fantastic Japanese illustrator, that is revolutioning the way of teaching notions to children.

精裝書; 44頁


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