Chik Chak Shabbat, by Mara Rockliff



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分享的快樂是實踐...當孰悉的鄰居突然靜悄悄時,過去敲敲門開啟一場香噴噴的Chi Chak Shabbat

故事結尾附上猶太人家常菜Jewish Cholent食譜一份。讓你跟著一塊Chi Chak!

Celebrate Shabbat, community, and diverse traditions with this lyrical tale, illustrated with a lively and whimsical touch.
When Goldie Simcha didn't joyfully throw open her door to welcome everyone in to her apartment for a meal of her famous cholent, her neighbors wonder what could be wrong. Little Lali Omar knocks on the door to 5-A, only to learn that Goldie was feeling too sick on Friday to cook, and everyone knows you can t make cholent in a hurry, right away, chik chak! But it just isnt Shabbat without cholent. What can her neighbors do to save the day? In an uplifting story that warms more than your heart, Chik Chak Shabbat offers a cholent recipe that keeps Goldie s sharing spirit alive."


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