Clap, Clap! by Madalena Matoso



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響應政府節能的繪本 Clap, Clap! by Madalena Matoso

A truly toddler-friendly pairing of clapping and counting. Younger children will immediately and delightedly key in to the percussive possibilities open-and-shut winner.
Kirkus Reviews

Madalena Matoso來自葡萄牙,有去過里斯本的人一定對於隨處可見鮮黃色為基底色彩鮮明的城市景象印象深刻。當我們翻閱來自這個國家的繪本,這類顏色明亮的特色往往自然地呈現在書中的每一處。


A book of sounds where your hands make the noise!

Flap, flap, flap and a butterfly flaps its wings.

Knock, knock, knock—who is at the door?

Boom, boom, boom... a boy plays a drum with all his energy!

Help tell a story of noise and sound—no batteries required, just your hands on each side of the cover.

Madalena Matoso studied Communication Design at Lisbon College of Fine Arts and post-graduated in Graphic Editorial Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain. In 1999 she and three friends created the Planeta Tangerina, dedicated to illustration and graphic design.



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出版日期: 2016. 4