Heads, Bodies & Legs by Alice Pattullo



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訂閱 【Green Tots讀報】  走在時代“後端”的獨立出版社DFT


Alice Pattullo's Heads, Legs & Bodies is inspired by the centuries old parlour-game of consequences, renamed 'exquisite corpses' by The Surrealists. Alice has created 26 figures, that combine a midcentury sensibility with her love of Folk Art and East London. 

Each figure can be cut into three and then each part interchanged to create a fun and active book. The book is printed using four colour spot lithography, and appropriately is printed in East London. It comes uncut to allow the reader, or collector, to either enjoy the figures as they are, or to have fun with a pair of scissors.


商品尺寸 (公分):24.0 x 10.4 x 0.4