Hello Farm, Hello Zoo, Hello Garage 3本硬頁寶寶套書

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這系列由Nicola Slater繪圖的寶寶書,可愛的配色與生動的人物。哪一個寶寶能夠不被吸引?靜下來一塊和書中的人物一塊拜訪朋友們的家、動物園甚至修車?

Hello House

Ludo has come to the village today – can you help him find his friends? Knock on the doors to the different houses, then tickle Bruno’s tummy to wake him up, so everyone can come and play outside with the big red ball!

Hello Zoo

Come with Ludo as he knocks on the zoo’s doors to ask his friends out to play! Soon, everyone’s ready except for Minty the panda, who is fast asleep – can you tickle her feet to wake her up so she can join in with the fun, too?

Hello Garage

What a busy, dirty place the garage is! But not everyone is hard at work – can you help Ludo find his friends so that they can go outside and play on the soft, green grass?


硬頁書;14頁  (每本)


商品尺寸:(公分) 18.8 x 18.8 x 2.1