【Isabel Minhós Martins繪本】What's That Noise

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文字的力量一再由Isabel Minhós Martins的書呈現於讀者面前。<那是甚麼聲音>一書中完全沒有一個機關、按鈕。閱讀時請小朋友準備好他的小手和想像力....靜下心來隨著書中的變化聆聽周邊的律動。


An inventive and interactive story that engages all the senses from the celebrated Portuguese creative duo

Portuguese writer and publisher Isabel Minhós Martins and fellow publisher and illustrator Madalena Matoso are the creators of multiple award-winning books for children, including What’s Inside?, Where Do We Go When We Disappear?, At Our House and When I Was Born. Award-winning Portuguese writer/illustrator team Isabel Minhós Martins and Madalena Matoso present a truly inventive picture book that takes readers on a sensory adventure in the pursuit of friendship.

Rendered in Matoso’s distinctive, eye-catching style,What’s That Noise? invites young children to investigate who exactly is calling them from inside the book. Readers will delight in following the clues by ‘tip-toeing’ with their fi ngers through an empty forest, braving a terrible storm of their own making, holding their ear up to the book to discern where to turn next and creating a shelter for their new friend when danger looms.

A story that can only be told using fi ngers, eyes, ears and noses, What’s That Noise? engages readers on all levels, and shows that to build a friendship takes time, patience and an adventurous spirit.


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