It's My Tree

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Olivier Tallec (奧立維.達列克)擅於運用不透明水彩大筆揮灑出鮮豔明亮的色彩,再加上炭筆勾勒,明快的筆法以及具表現性的線條,構築出生動的畫面。繪本的每一頁就像是一幅美麗的水彩畫。 Olivier Tallec 個人網站

A squirrel decides to keep everyone in the forest away from a favorite tree (?It's MY tree?), but hasn't thought the plan all the way through!The squirrel loves a particular tree (?It's MY tree?) and is happiest eating pinecones in its shade (?MY pinecones in the shade of MY tree?). But then the squirrel starts to worry. What if someone else decides it's THEIR tree? What if that someone wants to eat THEIR pinecones in the shade of THEIR tree? Should the squirrel build a gate in front of the tree to keep the others out? Or maybe a wall? Yes, a wall. The squirrel will build a long and high wall that no one can get over or around. Only, now that there's a wall, how can the squirrel know what's on the other side of it? Maybe a better tree is out there, full of pinecones. Maybe even a whole forest of better trees ...World-renowned author-illustrator Olivier Tallec has created a simple, funny, relevant fable for the modern age. The humor and exaggeration ensure that even the youngest children will recognize the greed, xenophobia and fear of missing out afflicting the poor squirrel. With tones of bright orange and yellow, the captivating illustrations bring the enormous-tailed squirrel's rapid-fire range of emotions to vivid and hilarious life. This highly entertaining read-aloud would also make a perfect conversation starter for lessons on the importance of appreciating what one has.



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