Little Bear's Big House by Benjamin Chaud



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Society of Illustrators Gold Medal winner:Benjamin Chaud

Bear's Song 系列繪本 第四部曲

小熊發現了一個空屋,於是大膽地走入遊玩。大熊發現小熊不見了,也開始他的搜尋。兩隻熊都無意間在出現在屋內的不同角落。當然結局大熊與小熊團圓外,孩子除了可以到欣賞Benjamin Chaud的細膩的插畫,也可享受這本書中尋找和發現的元素。

This follow-up to Benjamin Chaud's critically acclaimed The Bear's Song and its sequels is graced with richly detailed art, immersive scenes, and an irresistibly sweet story! Little Bear is embarking on his biggest adventure yet. After discovering an empty house, his wish is granted: He can play all day and stay up as late as he wants! But he also gets a big scare. There are mysterious noises downstairs—could there be monsters . . . or ghosts?! Will Little Bear be able to brave the big house all by himself? In step with the previous books in the series, Little Bear may venture far and wide, but his loving family is never far behind!


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