Magritte’s Apple

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A man named Rene floats through the world of his dreams and imagination, fulfilling his desire to become a painter--of apples and hats, apple hats, apple-these and apple-thats. In his paintings, leaves are lips, baguettes are noses, the right side is never up, and the upside is never down. Award-winning author Klaas Verplancke mashes everyday objects and words together in ways that are guaranteed to make kids laugh and think. Rene Magritte (Belgian, 1898-1967), one of the world's most beloved artists, created whimsical, subversive paintings that helped launch the popularity of surrealism. His works combined words and images in novel, thought-provoking ways, and used humor and ordinary subjects to inspire viewers to question the world around them. 


商品尺寸(公分):22.8 x 30.2 x 1.3

推薦年齡:4 - 7歲