Main Street Magic by Ingela P. Arrhenius

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瑞典新銳插畫家Ingela P. Arrhenius將美好復古年代的動物圖像帶入寶寶書。街訪麵包店、魚販、博物館和博物館.....這邊翻翻那邊找找發現這條街有甚麼神奇的魔力,讓媽媽每天都要來逛逛。



Green Tots閱讀技巧

  • 動手操作
  • 視覺想像

Welcome to Main Street! Visit the bakery, fish market, hair salon, museum, and circus, lifting flaps to make extraordinary discoveries as you wander through this small town. Peer through the die-cut windows of the bakery to admire its mouthwatering croissants, then lift the gatefold to waltz inside where there are additional flaps—and marvelous delicacies—to uncover. Oh, but wait! There's so much more to explore. With adorable, retro illustrations and smart novelty bookmaking, there's always a whimsical surprise just around the corner.




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