Marc Boutavant與Nicola Davies的合作科普套書(共2本)



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Marc Boutavant與Nicola Davies的合作科普系列Flip the Flap and Find Out 套書。書中翻頁機關設計,讓你彷彿身歷科學博物館看到覽般....配上Marc Boutavant法風童趣的插畫讓自然科學一點也不枯燥。

Lift the flaps and learn about animal life with two new books in a fresh, fun-filled series for curious preschoolers.

What Happens Next?
Here’s a hungry chameleon with a long, long tongue. And here’s a big juicy caterpillar. Can you guess what happens next? What if a honeybee comes upon a beautiful patch of flowers, but the members of her hive don’t know how to find her? Or if two chimps want to munch on termites that are out of reach deep inside a mound? Peek under large flaps to find out — and refresh your memory at the end!
What Will I Be?
A small papery bundle hangs under a leaf by a silken thread. Can you guess what it will be one day? Butterflies, polar bears, turtles, frogs, birds — they all have a fascinating life journey to follow. Peek under each large flap and look at colorful spreads to find out how each animal develops. A final spread invites readers to match each fullgrown creature with its beginning stage.