Mr. Watson's Chickens

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華生先生養了 456 隻雞。當他的搭檔納爾遜先生無法忍受威脅要離開時,華生先生帶著他的雞去鎮上賣,小讀者閱讀繪本..跟著華生先生在城裡到處走走,他是真心賣掉他的雞嗎?這些雞會有不同的命運嗎?

Based on a true story about Franz Kafka

Mr. Watson has 456 chickens in the sink, on the bed, in the bread box. When his partner, Mr. Nelson, threatens to leave, Mr. Watson takes his chickens to town to sell only for them to escape! Young readers will follow Mr. Watson all around town as he gathers up his chickens. But, when they're all rounded up, does he have the heart to sell them? Does a different fate await these chickens?

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