Music for Mister Moon, by Philip C. Stead

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獲獎 2019 Great Lakes Great Reads Award Children's Picture Book Winner


這一切都在 Harriet練習大提琴的晚上開始說起...一天練琴的時候外頭的貓頭鷹太吵了,於是Harriet生氣地將茶壺拋出窗外。沒想到接下來她看到一個黃黃圓圓的大月亮擱在她家的煙囪上。在得知剛剛那個茶壺不只架走貓頭鷹以外,還將天上的月亮打下來後...對! 就是這個眼前的大月亮。Harriet感到愧疚外,開啟與這個月亮的友誼....接下來呢? 和孩子一塊閱讀繪本找尋答案。


A girl named Harriet longs to play her cello alone in her room. But when a noisy owl disrupts her solitude, Harriet throws her teacup out the window in frustration, and accidentally knocks the moon out of the sky.

Over the course of an evening, Harriet and the moon become fast friends. Worried that he'll catch a chill, Harriet buys the moon a soft woolen hat, then takes him on a boat ride across a glistening lake, something he's only dreamed of. But can she work up the courage to play her music for the moon?

In this delicate bedtime story about a shy young cello player who learns to share her music with the moon, the award-winning Philip and Erin Stead deliver another whimsical, visually oriented picture book in their signature style.

精裝; 40頁

商品尺寸(公分):19.7 x 28.7 x 1.5

推薦年齡:3 - 7 歲