One & Other Numbers with Alexander Calder

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Alexander Calder(亞歷山大·考爾德)突破傳統雕塑的素材與呈現型態。因為學習工程的背景,他能夠巧妙的設計動態雕塑,利用機械性裝置與完美的平衡。或懸吊金屬線上,利用空氣流動或觀賞者擺動,讓吊飾在觀賞著眼前出現每一個角度的有不同的型態。


Practice counting on some of the most famous sculptures in the world! 

Masterpieces by world-famous sculptor Alexander Calder are used to teach quantity in this artful, read-aloud board book. One & Other Numbers accompanies artworks with a conversational and relatable text that encourages readers to notice and count various aspects of the sculptures. Calder's playful abstract shapes add to the richness of the visual arc, allowing readers to build personal connections with the art. Children will not only grow more familiar with numbers and quantity, but also with the artist and his work. This fourth title in Phaidon's "First Concepts with Fine Artists" series includes a read-aloud "about the artist" at the end.  

推薦年齡:0-3 歲 


商品尺寸(公分):17.8 x 20.4 x 1.5