Paper Son, by Julie Leung, Chris Sasaki

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2019 Dilys Evans Founder's Award

入選2019美國插畫協會(Society of Illustration)的年度插畫The Original Art 2019 Exhibit

Paper Son敘述一段歷史、一位華人移名、一位迪士尼無名藝術家與一個堅毅向上圖強的人生..... Green Tots Club


19世紀滿清統治中國的時代,美國嚴格限制來自中國的移民,因此有大量的移民假造身分以依親為由向美國申請成為公民。需要花大筆的鈔票買一張假身分紙本的移名,因此通稱為paper son。

Paper Son 是描述 Tyrus Wong(黄齐耀)的一名故事。他是19世紀初17萬中國移民之一。他與父親離開中國來到人稱"金山"的美國。因為藝術天分,他以第一名畢業於洛杉磯的藝術學院,並被迪士尼錄取為"in-betweener"的工讀生。他就是小鹿斑比的原創。

Tyrus Wong(黄齐耀)的童年曾經窮到用報紙以水點上毛筆寫書法和作畫,但努力終究獲得矚目,有能耐讓迪士尼和華納兄弟錄用。雖然是幽靈藝術家但是他一點也不自怨自艾,仍然持續地在藝術領域繼續發展。書末有一張他手握風箏的照片,笑容滿面。風箏藝術是他晚年的興趣,光看照片都能感受的到老先生對藝術的投入與美好的一生。

這本書找來有華裔血統的Chris Sasaki插畫真的很搭。他的風格本來就有點中國水墨畫筆觸,剛好讓他詮釋Tyus Wong(黄齐耀)的故事讓讀者能夠感受西式的東方美。

An inspiring picture-book biography of animator Tyrus Wong, the Chinese American immigrant responsible for bringing Disney's Bambi to life.

Before he became an artist named Tyrus Wong, he was a boy named Wong Geng Yeo. He traveled across a vast ocean from China to America with only a suitcase and a few papers. Not papers for drawing--which he loved to do--but immigration papers to start a new life. Once in America, Tyrus seized every opportunity to make art, eventually enrolling at an art institute in Los Angeles. Working as a janitor at night, his mop twirled like a paintbrush in his hands. Eventually, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime--and using sparse brushstrokes and soft watercolors, Tyrus created the iconic backgrounds of Bambi.

Julie Leung and Chris Sasaki perfectly capture the beautiful life and work of a painter who came to this country with dreams and talent--and who changed the world of animation forever.

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