Raid of No Return (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #7)

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Nathan Hale以漫畫的方式帶領美國小學生經歷了許多戰爭 - 美國獨立戰爭、墨西哥戰爭、這一系列的漫畫名 Hazardous Tales Series (中譯:《危險故事》系列)在美國小學生中有一定的粉絲人數。有人喜歡閱讀Wimpy Kids搞笑的日記,也有些小學生對於歷史事件很著迷,就偏愛這種戰爭的漫畫。套書方案請洽 email: 



Nathan Hale tackles a topic fans have been asking about for years: World War II.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, officially bringing the United States into World War II. A new generation of pilots were recruited to fly bombing missions for the United States, and from that group, volunteers were requested for a dangerous secret assignment. For the first time in American history, Army bombers would be launched from an aircraft carrier. Once at sea, they were told their mission was a retaliation strike against targets in Tokyo. But on the day of the raid, a Japanese patrol boat spotted them and they had to launch early, with barely enough fuel to get them past their target.

After the bombing, some pilots crashed, some were captured, and many ended up in mainland China and were carried to safety by Chinese villagers, being hunted by Japanese forces all the while. With tales of high-flying action and bravery, Raid of No Return is a story of heartbreak and survival during wartime.

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