Seasons by Philip Giordano



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繪本中的機關設計很受小朋友喜愛,這本書很有Charley Jarpers的味道。不過作者是曾於2009獲得波納榮插畫獎的Philip Giordano,父親是義大利人,母親是菲律賓人,他的作品用色打膽,已經被翻譯成6種語言。這本Seasons算是他的最新繪本。


Seasons by Philip Giordano



Turn the wheels for year-round fun! In this innovative seek-and-find book with two sturdy wheels that work with each spread, Philip Giordano's brightly colored, geometric artwork features fantastic scenes for each season, plus a bonus scene that incorporates all four seasons. Where is the ladybug hiding in spring? What about the red crab in summer? The wheels serve as prompts, not only to find iconic elements of the different seasons, but to find them in specific colors. An irresistible format that helps train preschoolers' observation skills and visual memory and improve their fine motor skills, Seasons also helps children learn to identify various animals and objects. A visual and satisfying treat for preschoolers!





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