Standing in Line, by Luca Boscardin



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Luca Boscardin的繪本希望透過這本插畫書讓你對於平日習以為常的生活,激起新思維...

There's a line at the supermarket, at the doctor's, at the swimming pool, at the cinema and at the baker's. And there are many more to be discovered.

Where are those people going with animals on leashes? What about all those people dressed in black? 

Passionate about spaceships, fantastic creatures, imaginary characters and super-fast machines, Luca Boscardin creates projects that stimulate creativity and transforms them into toys and books for children: in Tutti in fila, he recounts the many moments in life when we find ourselves in line; standing among those who are impatient, those who are late, those who try to cut in and those who try to talk to the person next to them.

A series of ironic portraits of shared moments in which you can easily recognize yourself, because, whether we like it or not, sooner or later, it’ll be our turn to stand in line.


Luca Boscardin works as a toy designer and illustrator with international brands, including StudioRoof, Corraini, MonPetitArt, Arbos, George Magazine and Philips Design. In 2016, together with Valentina Raffaelli, he created Cavalcade: the first collection of rocking animals from the toy design studio BLUC.


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