Stay, Benson! by Thereza Rowe

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A stunning cut-out book starring the world’s most loveable dog, from the creator of In the Woods, Thereza Rowe

Flick’s dog Benson is a very good boy... or so Flick thinks. When Flick leaves for school, she tells him, ‘Stay, Benson!’. Instead, Benson races out the front door and chases a cat into the back garden, over the fence and into the park, where he chases a squirrel. A ball catches his eye and he follows it into the pond – and then he runs, dripping wet, through the middle of a picnic lunch, stealing a sausage! The picnickers shout ‘GO HOME, BENSON!’. He races back across town, and arrives home just as Flick returns from school. ‘Have you been a good boy, Benson? Did you stay?’

Only the reader really knows what Benson, the naughty dog, has been doing all day…


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