【STEAM繪本】The Book of Tree. by Piotr Socha, Wojciech Grajkowski

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科普繪本一般給人的印象都是像教科書的文字和簡易的插畫。但是波蘭的Piotr Socha和Wojciech Grajkowski,讓你經歷一場不一樣的自然界體驗之旅。


What’s the tallest tree in the world? 
How long have trees existed and how long can they live? 
Where can you stay in a treehouse hotel? 
And how can we make sure that trees survive for the future?

This encyclopaedic book answers all these questions and many more with a light, witty touch. Piotr Socha tracks the history of trees from ancient times to the present day, examining along the way the role trees have played in history, legend and in the rest of the natural world.




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