【STEAM繪本】This Book Is a Planetarium 科學立體書

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美國近年力推科學基礎教育,美國各州都將科學新知排入幼稚園的學習大綱中。這部分的計劃名為STEM。基本上,是Science, Technology, Engineering and Math的簡寫。

Green Tots Club致力於將英美孩童閱讀書籍同步推薦給台灣的朋友們,因此從2015開闢【STEM專欄】選書。不定期將於官網將優質選書上架供大家選購。書籍皆直接於國外書商直接限量採購,售完為止。


  • 紙板吉他 Instrument - 輕微地撥彈琴弦,體驗聲波
  • 解碼遊戲 Decoder - 利用加碼盤加碼你想要傳達的訊息或是反向解碼
  • 萬年曆 Calendar - 這個日曆永遠都不用更換,為什麼?
  • 星象儀Planetarium - 以燈光投射出北半球的秋季星座圖
  • 紙板喇叭 Speaker - 聲音怎麼擴大,讓更多人聽得到?
  • 萬花尺 Spiralgraph - 創造出各式各樣的幾何形狀
Never has humble paper had such radical ambitions.

Defying every expectation of what a book can be, this pop-up extravaganza transforms into six fully functional tools: a real working planetarium projecting the constellations, a musical instrument complete with strings for strumming, a geometric drawing generator, an infinite calendar, a message decoder, and even a speaker that amplifies sound. Artist Kelli Anderson contributes enlightening text alongside each pop-up, explaining the scientific principles at play in her constructions and creating an interactive experience that's as educational as it is extraordinary. Inspiring awe that lasts long after the initial pop, This Book Is a Planetarium leaves readers of all ages with a renewed appreciation for the way things work—and for the enduring magic of books.



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