【STEM】 Endangered Animals, by Martin Jenkins



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美國自前任總統Obama上任後力推科學基礎教育,美國各州都將科學教育排入幼稚園的學習大綱中。這部分的計劃名為STEAM。基本上,是ScienceTechnology,Engineering, Art and Math的所縮寫。希望這些科學、美學教育能夠明確的落實於幼兒教育。也因為如此,國外大型出版社開始雨後春筍般地更有意願發行非故事性的繪本。Green Tots的創辦人因為理工背景的關係,對於STEAM的繪本也非常有興趣涉獵推廣。我們會陸續地將喜愛的繪本在這個平台上提供訊息。


Discover animals under threat all over the world in this beautiful gift book from conservation biologist and award-winning author Martin Jenkins.

From the mighty Asian elephant to the tiny rosalia longicorn beetle, creatures all over the world are under threat like never before in human history. In this timely book, conservation biologist and award-winning author Martin Jenkins introduces just a few of the species under threat, exploring why they are in danger and how we can help them. With striking graphic stamps from printmaker Tom Frost, this is a beautiful and illuminating journey through the world of endangered animals.


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