【STEM繪本】Ocean: A Visual Miscellany



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Green Tots 9月份繪本沙龍 [再見葡萄牙童書帝國] 選書

2018波納榮繪本展 Bologna Ragazzi Mention

- 非故事性的繪本 -




Half of our planet is covered by the ocean, yet we've only explored 5 percent of this vast underwater realm. Originally published in Portugal, and awarded a highly coveted BolognaRagazzi Mention by the Bologna Book Fair, this visually compelling miscellany offers readers a tsunami of aquatic facts. Which ocean is the largest? Who was the first explorer to sail around the world? Is the ocean truly blue? Beautifully designed and rich with information, Ocean will satisfy enthusiastic readers who enjoy taking a deep dive into a subject as well as more reluctant readers who prefer to dip in and out of a book.

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