Sunshine: A Story About the City of New York, by Ludwig Bemelmans

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Madeline繪本風行全球80周年,Ludwig Bemelmans 筆下的淘氣法國小女孩Madeline是每多人的童年必讀童書。這本書是 Ludwig Bemelmans 於1950出版的繪本,與Madeline完全無關,是Ludwig Bemelmans在旅居紐約曼哈頓時的靈感。故事描述一位曼哈頓的音樂老師,因為沒有辦法按時支付房租,即將被她的房東Mr. Sunshine趕出去...厲害的小朋友可能已經猜到...這位名為陽光的房東怎麼可能作出這麼殘忍的事呢?

在紐約居住過的人一定會和我們(Green Tots)一樣會立刻愛上這本 Ludwig Bemelmans 的繪本,每一頁插畫都帶出紐約的知名建築物和地標,而且還都是1950年的街景。怎麼能不收藏呢?


First published in 1950, this enchanting picture book by the creator of Madeline tells the story of a music teacher whose greedy landlord is foiled in his efforts to evict her on Christmas Eve. In so doing, as the original cover copy states, it presents: 'a unique guide to New York City, showing its landmarks as they could only be seen through the eyes of Ludwig Bemelmans... Sunshine is pure Bemelmans of the most irresistible variety. The story, which concerns a children's music school - and umbrellas! - has the gentle touch of Madeline, as well as some thoroughly ridiculous situations. At the same time, adults all too familiar with the housing shortage will join the children in applauding when the gentle little music school teacher outwits a landlord who "doesn't permit cats or doggies or people who have noisy hobbies". And everyone will rejoice in the happy ending to this delightful story.'


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