Sylvia's Bookshop: The Story of Paris's Beloved Bookstore and Its Founder

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很喜歡書中提到的一段話:打開一本書,走進一個世代,走入一段真實、虛幻的故事。希望我的翻譯有到味作者的寓意。- Green Tots 

去巴黎一定會到許多文豪曾經駐足的莎士比亞書店(Shakespeare and Company)晃晃。創立這家書店的主人翁Sylvia來自美國,一直到二次世界大戰德軍佔領巴黎迫使書店熄燈前,這家書店是許多歐美文豪駐足、吟詩、聚會的場所。

現今在巴黎的同名書店Shakespeare and Company雖然不坐落在同一個位置,但是仍是許多到巴黎的觀光客造訪名單中的景點。在這個月出版了一本名為Sylvia's Bookshop的繪本,讓大家再次重溫這家書店的輝煌歷史與認識它的主人。

書的最後幾頁特別詳述了莎士比亞書店(Shakespeare and Company)的歷史與書中出現的文豪簡史。讓那個巴黎的經典年代重現在你的眼前。


Meet the trailblazer and book lover who started the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, France, in this beautifully illustrated picture book that celebrates stories, reading, and the importance of sharing ideas. 

“Books are my treasures—the best that I’ve got.”
Books are like rivers that flow through my head.
Books are like roads,” she just might have said.
“Roads that connect my old self to my new.
Unlocking our hearts to what’s noble and true.”

Told by the bookstore itself, Sylvia’s Bookshop tells the story of the legendary Shakespeare and Company, its owner Sylvia Beach, and the many great writers who gathered there to meet, read, and remind us that books are more than the words on the page.



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