The Eye That Never Sleeps:How Detective Pinkerton Saved President Lincoln

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滿足極富好奇與喜愛冒險事蹟的小讀者  - Green Tots 



這本書的主角Allan Pinkerton都不具備這些特質,他有的就是一個維護正義的理想和洞察力。一位歐洲的移民到底怎麼樣建立美國第一的私家偵探帝國?他是怎麼參與保護總統林肯就職典禮行動? 翻閱這本繪本找到你所有的疑問解答.... 

What does it take to be a detective?

Do you have to be strong ,rich or powerful?

Allan Pinkerton was none of those things, he had sharp eyes and had hunger for justice. He was born in Scotland in year 1819.

This story is about a guy named Allan Pinkerton. A belief of justice leads him a career and a start of American's private detective industry.  


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