The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau

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Jon Agee 1988年經典作品復刻版上市   



在巴黎繪畫比賽盛事中,有位沒沒無聞的畫家Felix Clousseau放了一幅鴨子的肖像畫。當評審們正感到驚訝時,突然畫中的鴨子開始呱呱大叫。是畫的太像,連鴨子都從畫中走出來?  Felix Clousseau的畫在巴黎引起大轟動。演變成為一場大騷動!只要有Felix Clousseau畫作的地方就有混亂,國王為此下令逮捕Felix Clousseau。但隨著皇宮裡出現想偷走王冠的小偷,Felix Clousseau的畫卻又發揮了意想不到的能力,事情的發展....由你來閱讀咀嚼囉! 

Art imitates life in this hilarious, absurdist picture book--one of Jon Agee's most beloved titles, now back in print.
  "Outrageous!" the judges cried. "Ridiculous!" Who would dare enter a portrait of a duck in the Grand Contest of Art? But when Felix Clouseau's painting quacks, he is hailed as a genius. Suddenly everyone wants a Clousseau masterpiece, and the unknown painter becomes an overnight sensation. That's when the trouble begins.


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