The Squirrels Who Squabbled by Rachel Bright



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The best thing to share is a laugh with your friend. 分享是一種藝術。在自己滿意的狀態下,將東西或資源與其他人分享有時候會有意想不到的收穫。書的封面是兩隻看起來Squabbled的松鼠....為什麼?這個溫馨的故事現在出版的硬頁書,能夠讓書本更耐久。

Two greedy squirrels learn to share in the third hilarious rhyming adventure from the bestselling creators of THE LION INSIDE.

Greedy squirrels Cyril and Bruce both have their sights on a very special prize: THE VERY LAST NUT OF THE SEASON! As the nut bounces crazily though the forest, the squirrels race after it, between the trees, over boulders, down the river and - ARGH! - right to the edge of a waterfall! Working together might be the only way to save themselves now ...

A laugh-out-loud tale about friendship and sharing from the bestselling creators of THE LION INSIDE and THE KOALA WHO COULD. Perfect for competitive friends and sibling rivals!


硬頁書;14頁  (每本)


商品尺寸:(公分) 18.8 x 18.8 x 2.1