This is Munich, by M. Šašek

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This is系列繪本出自捷克作家Miroslav Šašek。插畫顏色選用融合各地特色,還沒有去旅行,就讓人彷彿置身其境。其中This is New York那本還創下每天銷售600本的紀錄。

 Like the other Sasek classics, This is Munich is a facsimile edition of his original book, which was first published in 1969. The brilliant illustrations have been meticulously preserved and facts updated for the twenty-first century. The charming illustrations coupled with Sasek’s playful narrative make for a perfect souvenir that will delight both children and parents.    

Sasek introduces children—and many adults alike—to the ancient Bavarian capital. Stops include the New Town Hall, the Frauenkirche cathedral, and Munich’s most famous beer hall.

With bright pictures and snappy commentary, Sasek wittily captures all the fascinating things to do and see in this German seat of culture—This is Munich! 



出版社:Universe; 3/25/04 edition

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