This is Paris, by M. Šašek

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【Green Tots 沙龍:繪本巴黎 】5本繪本作者眼中的巴黎

*庫存為2016最新刷 (書末有列表繪本中與現況不同之處)

This is系列繪本出自捷克作家Miroslav Šašek。這個系列的童書第一本就是1959發行的This is Paris。(我們出售的為2004校正過的全新版,非原始版喔!)

繪本直接將讀者帶到1959年代的巴黎...當時街道可以見到的中東、印度小販都已經成為絕響。捷克作家Miroslav Šašek的繪本那個年代的巴黎街景記錄下來....


相關文章 與MIROSLAV ŠAŠEK的巴黎比一比


With the same wit and perception that distinguished his charming books on London, New York, and San Francisco, here this famous Czech painter presents his impressions of Paris in This Is Paris, first published in 1959 and now updated for the 21st century.  We see its famous buildings, its beautiful gardens, the museums, the sidewalk cafes, and the people who live there -- artists, the concierges, the flower girls, and even the thousands of cats. Take a tour along the banks of the Seine, or through the galleries of the Louvre, or to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Elegant, vivid pictures of one of the most beautiful cities in the world,This is Paris!



出版社:Universe; 3/25/04 edition

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