This is San Francisco, by M. Šašek

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This is系列繪本出自捷克作家Miroslav Šašek。插畫顏色選用融合各地特色,還沒有去旅行,就讓人彷彿置身其境。其中This is New York那本還創下每天銷售600本的紀錄。



Let the rumbling cable car tell you the story! And what a story: From the crookedest street in the world to the Peking ducks in Chinatown, San Francisco is easily one of the world's most enchanting cities. Illustrator Miroslav Sasek captures both the breathtaking landscape and the cosmopolitan flavor of the City by the Bay in This is San Francisco. First published in 1962, Sasek's jaunty, colorful illustrations will still dazzle kids and adults alike.



出版社:Universe; 3/25/04 edition

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