This is the World, by M. Šašek

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*庫存為2015最新版 (書末有列出Miroslav Šašek創作該繪本該城市與現況不同之處)

This is系列繪本出自捷克作家Miroslav Šašek。插畫顏色選用融合各地特色,還沒有去旅行,就讓人彷彿置身其境。其中This is New York還創下每天銷售600本的紀錄。



INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards -- 2014 Finalist

A compilation of abridged versions of M. Sasek’s most popular children’s travel books. From London to Hong Kong, Sydney to San Francisco, readers will delight in this charming journey through the world’s great cities. With deft strokes of his paintbrush and a witty voice to match, master illustrator and storyteller M. Sasek captured the essence of the world’s major capitals and brought them to life for an entire generation of young readers. Now, more than fifty years later, those same readers are passing these stories down to their children and their children’s children, and Sasek’s This is series has officially reached iconic status. Collected here for the first time in one affordable volume are some of Sasek’s most beloved adventures. From Notre Dame in Paris to a trolley car in the hills of San Francisco, with stops for sausages in Munich and a yacht race in Sydney, this book takes children and adults alike on a whirlwind trip to some of the world’s greatest destinations. An inspirational travelogue that introduces readers to the art, architecture, music, food, and traditions of multiple cities and countries, This is the World is the perfect book for international commuters and would-be travelers of all ages. This anthology includes excerpts from: This is New York, This is Paris, This is Greece, This is London, This is Australia, This is Texas, This is Munich, This is Rome, This is Britain, This is Hong Kong, This is Israel, This is San Francisco, This is Edinburgh, This is Venice, This is Washington D.C., and This is Ireland.




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