Toc Toc Who is it? Open the door



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Toc Toc大概是Bruno Munari 1945 系列中最受小朋友歡迎的童書。
看看書封洞口那隻"鳥" ...........咦!好樣不是"鳥"
(快翻開書一探究竟) 光是這個驚喜就已經讓孩子發出呵呵不止的笑聲。
toc toc是義大利文,意思是knock knock 敲敲
This book is one of the reprints of the exceptional books for children created by Munari in ’45, which are still as fresh and new as ever. Toc toc is perhaps the best known and most representative of the series. As with the other books, Munari plays with an essentially visual story full of expectations and surprises created using the simplest of devices. Toc toc (knock knock) … and a door opens.


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