Up My Street, by Louise Lockhart

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英國的High Street以特色小店聞名,在這街上你可以找到專賣瓷器、糕餅、材料行...各種你可能想得出來的專賣店。但是隨著大型購物商場的崛起,這條街上曾經迷人的風景逐漸消失。本書將這條街上的特色小店記錄下來,讓這條曾經馳名國際的High Street留存在你家中的書架上。(全球限量500本)
Up My Street, a concertina book for all ages, is illustrated by Louise Lockhart. It is a celebration of those wonderful High Street shops that are about to disappear. Laundrettes, Children's outfitters, The Hardware Store, all slowly vanishing. The concertina book is a remarkable 139cms long, and 23.5cms in height and features a High Street of 10 different panels of shops, ice-cream van and Telephone Box. It is printed using 'old-fashioned' spot lithography on quality card. On the reverse of the High Street you can see inside each shop, where each owner proudly displays their wares. Influenced by the French Children's books of the 1930s this is a brilliant contemporary twist on Eric Ravilious' 1938 High Street.

風琴開頁書; 22頁

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