Wildheart: The Daring Adventures of John Muir



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★【Green Tots 2021上半年新書推薦】自然生態系列

Winner! 2019 National Outdoor Book Awards, Children's Category

John Muir讓美國羅斯福總統認識到大自然的美與寧靜,讓羅斯福總統有決心和財團建商對立,不畏失去下一屆總統職位,也要力爭規劃出幾千英畝的國家公園留給子孫。這本漫畫書其實是在英國先出版,然後2019美國才發行。順序就像John Muir的人生一樣,出生於英國,年幼與父母搬遷至美國。輕鬆的閱讀漫畫內容,認識這個能夠說服美國總統重視環境保育的人士。(真希望巴西能夠有一位John Muir的人士能夠說服現任總統停止採伐地球的肺- 亞馬遜森林啊!)

Told for the first time in a graphic novel, this is the exciting life story of John Muir—who sailed to America as a boy and ended up changing the world.
John Muir led an adventurous life, starting with his wild and playful boyhood in Scotland and culminating in his legendary exploits in America, where he became an inventor, an explorer, a bold champion of wilderness—and even made friends with a president! His heart was always in the outdoors and he aimed to experience all he could. Most importantly, though, John Muir told the world about the wonders of nature. His words made a difference and inspired people in many countries to start protecting planet Earth— and they still do.

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